About Us

Tropik Network™ is the premier TV network targeting the people of the Caribbean residing in the Islands of the Caribbean. Tropik Network™ is fulfilling its goal to make a positive impact in the Islands of the Caribbean.

Tropik first launched in the Bahamas in 2007, and gradually took over other islands such as the Turks & Caicos, Martinique, and so on. We currently cover 5 Islands in the Caribbean. Aside from the islands, Tropik Network™ has also provided programming for the people in Miami, and Boston.

Tropik Network™ sets its sights on Caribbean people. Now, Tropik Network™ is also available via the internet at www.TropikTV.tv. Tropik features programs produced in English, French and Creole.


Our vision is to connect the millions of Caribbean people around the world through Tropik Network™.

Our talented journalists, hosts, and staff technicians work around the clock so that our viewing audience remains well-informed about the Caribbean community in the States and in the islands.


We pledge to provide the finest quality and unparalleled programming to the French, Creole and English speaking Caribbean communities as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our viewers, program affiliates, and strategic partners.

We also pledge to create the best platform offering the opportunity and the needed exposure to the Caribbean producers for their creative contents.